Track Days at COTA (Circut of the Americas) and Cresson

Early morning run for Michael and blackbart

Michael has 2 bikes set for racetrack only. Blackbart here

Safer environment then out on the public streets.

Never rode like this in my younger days. Didn't have the skills.

My favorite shot. Coming down the front stretch into turn one.

Michael on Black Bart at COTA

In my Opinion.....COTA is #1 Here on bluebonnet

Starting this days ride in Cresson Tx. 1 1/2 hrs from Kelly.

How low can you get in those turns.

Already setting your sights on the next turn.

Keep concentrating when others are around.

Holding your line through the turn.

The picture doesn't do justice to the speed they go.

Riding the shorter course in Cresson

Michael on bluebonnet in Cresson Tx

Michael coming out of the turn in Cresson Tx

Michael on his friends ride. He is in the back

Michael on his street ride at College Station


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